Blog Post 6

Genetic engineering is an idea that, when first hearing it, just sounds unsettling to most but it is difficult to articulate why that is. “The Case Against Perfection” written by Michael J. Sandel perfectly explains the unarticulated reasons that many people do not like the idea of using genetic enhancement. Sandel thoroughly refutes the explanations […]

Blog Post 5

The fifth prompt for blog post 5 lays out the dilemma the world faces under capitalism in the 21st century that Marcuse discusses in 1964. The system that inhibits technological advancement produces possibilities to solve non-technological problems. However, the conditions that are linked with technological advancement do not allow for these non-technological problems to be […]

Mini-Project 2

In the past decade social media has largely taken control over as our main source of communication with the public sphere. Prior to the invention of social media, people interacted with people in their community through town halls and other public meeting places such as churches. After the invention of social media, much of our […]